Kick-off meeting for SI project

26 March 2014
Cross-sectoral place-based integrated spatial planning for functional green infrastructures in the Baltic Sea Region Read more >

Belarussian delegation came to learn from Sustainable Bergslagen

13 August 2013
A Belarussian delegation with 16 persons visited Bergslagen to learn about conservation, protected areas tourism and related business. Read more >

Sustainable Bergslagen now designated as Model Forest

13 August 2013
Sustainable Bergslagen passed the assessment on site and of our strategic plan and have been designated as a Model Forest. Read more >


HB Partnersweb

Sustainable Bergslagen is a regional-level initiative that aims to connect stakeholders that represent organisations and networks in favour of sustainable landscapes in Bergslagen. The stakeholders represent (1) private sector businesses, (2) public sector organisations, (3) civil sector non-governmental organisations, as well as academia and schools. The Sustainable Bergslagen initiative was formalised in 2009. The partners have shared the costs and efforts to arrange meetings and activities. When a local partner hosts a meeting all learn about this partner, its vision and challenges. This benefits both their local work and their participation in the Bergslagen region networking. The partnership building process is seen like climbing a ladder of collaborative learning. Inspiration comes from the ladder of citizen participation. The aim is to reach the partnership level where partners at multiple levels know and respect each other and have learned to collaborate well. Anyone interested in contributing to sustainable development in Bergslagen is welcome to be a part of Sustainable Bergslagen.


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