Kick-off meeting for SI project

26 March 2014
Cross-sectoral place-based integrated spatial planning for functional green infrastructures in the Baltic Sea Region Read more >

Belarussian delegation came to learn from Sustainable Bergslagen

13 August 2013
A Belarussian delegation with 16 persons visited Bergslagen to learn about conservation, protected areas tourism and related business. Read more >

Sustainable Bergslagen now designated as Model Forest

13 August 2013
Sustainable Bergslagen passed the assessment on site and of our strategic plan and have been designated as a Model Forest. Read more >


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The landscape concept is a useful tool for development towards sustainability, and it has an ancient history. Traditionally, landscape was defined as a territory with a specific culture. For example, in the past the administrative units of Sweden were called landscapes and had own legislation. Alexander Humboldt brought the term “landscape” into the research world. He defined landscape both as a real natural phenomenon, and as perceived by people. Landscape is thus a complex concept, which involves biophysical, anthropogenic and perceived dimensions. To learn about landscapes’ sustainability dimensions, and the sustainable development process, requires both quantitative and qualitative methods.


Bergslagen is a landscape - a total spatial entity that people perceive and in which they live. There is no single definition of the geographical location of the Bergslagen region. The map on the front page of this communication presents an analysis of 22 different definitions (Angelstam et al. 2013). Bergslagen has large variation in many different landscape dimensions.


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Angelstam, P., K. Andersson, M. Isacson, D.V. Gavrilov, R. Axelsson, M. Bäckström, E. Degerman, M. Elbakidze, E. Yu. Kazakova-Apkarimova, L. Sartz, S. Sädbom, J. Törnblom. 2013. Learning about the history of landscape use for the future: consequences for ecological and social systems in Swedish Bergslagen. AMBIO 42(2): 146-159.

Angelstam, P., M. Grodzynskyi, K. Andersson, R. Axelsson, M. Elbakidze, A. Khoroshev, I. Kruhlov, and V. Naumov. 2013. Measurement, collaborative learning and research for sustainable use of ecosystem services: Landscape concepts and Europe as laboratory. AMBIO 42(2): 129–145.