Kick-off meeting for SI project

26 March 2014
Cross-sectoral place-based integrated spatial planning for functional green infrastructures in the Baltic Sea Region Read more >

Belarussian delegation came to learn from Sustainable Bergslagen

13 August 2013
A Belarussian delegation with 16 persons visited Bergslagen to learn about conservation, protected areas tourism and related business. Read more >

Sustainable Bergslagen now designated as Model Forest

13 August 2013
Sustainable Bergslagen passed the assessment on site and of our strategic plan and have been designated as a Model Forest. Read more >

LTSER - Long Term Socio-Economic and Ecological Research

LTSER is a further development of LTER (Long Term Ecological Research), which is an initiative where researchers through monitoring follow the development of ecological systems and their sustainability. By adding the “S” (socio-economic) the connection to and collaboration with the society is emphasized. This means transdisciplinary production of knowledge that includes both social and ecological systems, and collaboration among stakeholders. The aim of a LTSER research platform is to provide evidence-based knowledge and collaborative social learning as a base for sustainable regional development. Social learning in this context is learning among stakeholders to learn how to steer development towards sustainability with uncertainties such as economic globalisation and climate change. The selection criteria for LTSER platforms include: existing research infrastructure, a partnership with stakeholders and the existence of long-term data providing a basis for future research projects and collaborative social learning. Sustainable Bergslagen is the partnership and collaboration platform for LTSER-Bergslagen.

Sweeden has two LTSER platforms which collaborate closely: LTSER-Bergslagen och LTSER-Vänerlandskapet

Sustainable Bergslagen forms the partnership forTSER-Bergslagen. Per Angelstam ( and Lars Lundin ( are contact persons.

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LT(S)ER in Sweden